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A true home away from home

San Diego Bed and Breakfast
Two of us spent three nights at the San Diego Bed and Breakfast. What a wonderful place! We so enjoyed our stay!
The guest apartment is beautiful, comfortable, and immaculate.

Idiots at work.


Tired of telling people how to do things and all of sudden they forget. It is not rocket science.

Restaurant Rants


I want to hear about pet peeves in the restaurant industry from waiters and waiters and all restaurant employees

and the dining public.

The Rapping Waitress


My Kiss My Grits video is at www.youtube.com/sybilpresley



Two of my close family members have worked as servers. Both at popular upscale chain eateries. They have both told horror stories about the way they have been treated by customers. SERVERS WORK FOR FAR LESS THAN MIN. WAGE, THEY DEPEND ON TIPS FOR EARNINGS AND THEN THEY HAVE TO PAY TAXES FROM THOSE TIPS. THEY ARE ON THEIR FEET FOR UP TO 12 HRS PER DAY.

lousy packaging


Products packed in plastic bags with built-in zip loc. Tear the top strip off, grab each side of the bag and pull.

The bag tears away from the zip loc, leaving a torn piece on one side and an unsealed zip loc on the other.



Disgusting commercials


I just can't stand it anymore! What makes these idiots think that if I listen to some pig chewing on his food that I'm going to rush out and buy it? Here's a tip, if I have to hear you eat  I'm NEVER EVER going to buy what you're selling!!!!!!!!!!!!



Is it really necessary for our food to be sealed with such anti-tamper technology,  that it requires a sharp object to gain access to the contents? This might even be cause for the death of someone; IE: a person who is a diabetic, may not be able to open the packaging, in a timely manner.

The Obama Ragime to regulate what you eat.


Now comes the food police. You will no longer be allowed to eat what you want. Obama and his Ragime we can call it that now will regulate how much sodium goes into food. He Obama do  you not know we have salt shakers on our tables. We know have the dumbest president ever in the history of the United States.


Food that costs a dollar

Why is that they are trying to kill us poor people with food that costs a dollar?  Its so tempting, so good and so in budget.  But its so greasy and bad for you!  I try not to but I'm hungry dammit!

Christmas Scrooges....

Have any of you seen this shit on the news (sorry about the cuss word) about Santa being a bad role model? A politically correct nit wit has decided that because Santa is fat and drinks that he is a bad role model. I am so f'in sick of the PC police!

I have to share

Cause it made me cry...


The New Gatorade


Loaded with caffeine and taurine to stimulate the central nervous system, energy drinks have become the go-to solution when you need a quick, energizing pick-me-up.

But some

$45 for this?

My sis-in-law and her hubby are very pro-organic, eat free range food, food grown locally, you get the idea. They visited yesterday and brought an organic ham from a specialty shop.

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