I want some too!!


What is it with the men in today's society?  Looks like the majority of every "breeder" is hitting on the women folk from time to time except for me.  What's wrong with this picture?  I go to night clubs with my girl co-workers, I go shopping or cruising by myself from time to time, and not one guy (good looking & a good job PLEASE!!) wants to take a hit on me.  GRRR!  After being separated from my idiot jerk of a husband (and working on my divorce case), I need some loving too, dang it!!  Hell, I want to scream like a banshee within a 50 mile radius like every other woman in the US and abroad.  And sorry guys, I am not into the online dating services anymore due to fact that THEY DO NOT WORK!!!  And going to church to find a guy ain't worth it either.  Most of them are too old to shake a tail feather....that's if they have one back there.  I'm tired of being lonely but hell, I'm tired of being passed over to some fake version of Paris Hilton.  Give me a break!!


has anyone ever noticed... ...

has anyone ever noticed... When you are with someone, you have people hitting on you....When you are single, you hear crickets chirping. Is this because men KNOW you are in a relationship and want the challange of "conquering" you? Or do you simply not notice when you are single?
mclady, go buy a new outfit in your favorite color, and go out in it. For some reason, new clothes give people more confidence. Then you can hit on the guy first! The worst that could happen was for him to say no, the best.....you could wake up with him in the morning!!

<p>GIRL, I was gonna say ...

GIRL, I was gonna say what Mandy said, when you're taken...everybody wants you!!!

"I want to scream like a banshee within a 50 mile radius like every other woman in the US and abroad."

LOLOL, I love it!!!!!!

but yeah, I'll tell you, I've told this story before but I met my husb at school (college) when we were 19, and even though I was ONLY 19, I had given up on dating for a while cuz I was just through a cycle of a few "bad" men and I decided to concentrate on school instead and then wouldn't you know it, BAM, that semester David was in 2 of my classes, one on M-W-F, and the other class on Tues-Thurs., so I saw him FIVE days a week, every DAY!! finally halfway thru the semester I got the nerve to talk to him cuz up til that point we had only exchanged "glances"! I asked him about homework and notes in one of our classes cuz I had missed the last class and that's where it began...SEE I made the first move and now 19 yrs and 3 kids later.....here we are!!

Do YOU hit on guys at all? ...

Do YOU hit on guys at all? It is a new century, and things work both ways... I get hit on all the time at bars, but it doesn't mean those guys are worth it, if anything. Heck, I got my boyfriend by ME hitting on HIM.

Also, keep Craigslist in mind. They have a "Missed Connections" section that you should check out. Just cuz they didn't hit on you doesn't mean they weren't checking you out! NO WAY would I try to find a guy at church... isn't that a sin?? Try the grocery store too, I met a cutie there last week.

you're right!

you're right!

No Offense but shouldn't ...

No Offense but shouldn't you be divorced before you start dating?

Hello folks

It has been years since I was on this website bitching about this and that....just to update on this topic, I am no longer interested in dating or getting into an relationship anymore....I just decided to give up....on rkinne01 post about me being divorced first before dating, I was working on that, but I thought, it was the jerk's fault, he should file for it....but after many yrs, I went on with the paperwork...but I get a bonus....since I am on disablity, I don't have to worry on paying for the court fees....WOOHOO!!  So as far as trying to find Mr Right, I just say FCK IT!!