no freakin hot water!!!


GRRRRR!!!! I was pullung  into the garage after work and noticed a funny colored water puddle! IT WAS FROM THE WATER HEATER!!!! It has apparently been leaking awhile. We drained it and removed it. I have fans trying to dry all the drywall. It will be 7-10 days before any freaking store around can get another one in!!!  I guess that is my punishment for using propane.

Luckily the highs have been about 79, so we can shower/bath.


oh wow! I know how it is ...

oh wow! I know how it is to be w/o hot water!

That sucks! A coworker ...

That sucks!

A coworker had a pipe burst last week and his garage flooded. Luckily it has warmed up a bit here this week and is around 20 degrees. So pipes are less likey to burst, now. ;-)

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