Give it a rest people!!!


Okay now I've heard EVERYTHING in my years of phone tech support.

It seems that according to customers, we're not allowed to show any form of emotion over the phone while dealing with you!!

Here's my example, I'm dealing with a customer who had an installation done to-day. Some tech issues came up and had to get the tech back. Customer wondered how long it would be before he came back AFTER I said I was getting him back, THEN he decides to tell me that he's leaving by 2PM, that's when I sighed and he commented on that. Well, I nearly lost it. After jumping through hoops for you you have the nerve to wonder why I"M FRUSTRATED???.

Please remember that when you are dealing with a phone rep MOST TIMES WE ARE TRYING TO HELP YOU. Please have some respect for us and NOT treat us like the doormats the we appear to be. We are HUMAN after all!!


I, for one, do appreciate ...

I, for one, do appreciate what you go through. Thank you!

Thanks!! And appreciated!!

Thanks!! And appreciated!!

I know and understand ...

I know and understand completely...some people just wanna take out their anger on you..and it's not hang in there..I've been there!!

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