Pet Peeves Products, Licensees and Strategic Partners

Pet Peeves® LLC is primarily a consumer/pet product licensing company that also offers on-line customization and personalization of your greatest and most humorous or irritating experiences in life.

Now you can complain... without saying a single word! You can express your feelings in a really fun way. And without offending anybody. Who knows... it might even help make those annoyances just a little bit easier to cope with.

The Company presently has had 5 licensees and is looking for additional partners for many other product categories.

The Pet Peeves® product line is expanding all the time. For licensing information please contact us at (323) 469-9864, or write:

Pet Peeves®, LLC
VP Licensing
606 North Larchmont Blvd., Suite 310
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Pet Products

Pet Peeves, LLC is pleased to present these new dog chew toys from MULTIPET INTERNATIONAL, a leading designer/distributor of pet products. This innovative innovative new line of plush dog toys will add a new way for your dog to express itself! The plush toys have quirky sayings on them that address certain Pet Peeves® from a dog's point of view and appeals to pet owners.

There are six unique and witty Pet Peeves® characters. The different characters come in a variety of colors.

The popular sayings on the Pet Peeves® chew toys include:

  • Why can't I chew on shoes?
  • It's the same food everyday!
  • You get in the dog crate!
  • Finding Buried Bones is Hard Work!
  • Cats are Not My Friends!
  • Why Can't I Lay on the Couch!

"We look forward to adding this humor to the current pet toy selection, "said Mark Hirschberg of MULTIPET INTERNATIONAL. "We are very excited about this opportunity to build this brand as it is also an excellent value for a pet toy."

MULTIPET INTERNATIONAL is the premier award-winning pet products designer importer. Founded in 1995, Multipet has a reputation for unique designs and award winning products. For more information, please visit

Pet Peeves® brand Dog Chew Toys by Multipet are available across the country at such stores as: Petco, CVS, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Publix, Pet Supply Plus, Meijers, and True Value Hardware.


The high quality and inspired plush toys, convert many everyday irritations and funny social/personal interactions into a positive emotional experience while allowing people to vent and laugh.

“We are thrilled to partner with MARY MEYER to create products that capture the essence and quirky messages of our popular brand,” said Levin of Pet Peeves, LLC. “We look forward to a broad and creative collection to expand the world of pet peeves.”

The plush toy line will include traditional gifts and occasion-based plush such as birthday, anniversary, holiday and more.

For 70 years MARY MEYER has been making quality stuffed toys.  The heart of the company is a family of people dedicated to producing beautiful, safe, educational toys and collectibles from the best materials and finest designs. With three generations of experience in the plush industry, Mary Meyer offers: complete manufacturing capabilities, utilizing overseas vendors; in-house design department that can easily and professionally translate your idea or concept into a loveable stuffed toy with years of play value; in-house graphics and production for catalogs and point-of-purchase displays; a seasoned sales force of over 180 sales representatives working daily; primary focus on better gift stores, toy stores, card and stationary accounts, candy stores, hospital gift shops as well as the military; permanent showrooms in many major cities with full Mary Meyer product displays and representation at over 40 trade shows annually including the International New York Toy Fair.


Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

Amusement Plush Gifts

Pet Peeves, LLC is pleased to announce that GOFFA International Corp. has launched an innovative new line of plush toys that will excite the amusement park industry. The plush toys convert many everyday irritations and funny social/personal interactions into a positive emotional experience while allowing people to vent and laugh.

"Pet Peeves, LLC has always been selective in choosing its business partners and we are extremely pleased with the opportunity to work with such a quality company as GOFFA International Corp.," said Steve Levin, President of Pet Peeves, LLC.

The company has created exclusive unique and witty Pet Peeves® characters that appeal to many demographics, including children, tweens, teens and adults. The 7 different characters will be in a variety of sizes (12", 16", 22", 34" and 50") and will aim to redefine social expression in a positive and constructive way.

Look for Pet Peeves® at an amusement park or casino near you!

Pet Peeves® brand amusement plush by Goffa are available across the country at such locations as: Balloony's, Play Time Toys, Pacific Park, Seaside Amusement, Circus Circus Casinos, Fantasy Island, Six Flags Great Adventure, Sea World, Canada Wonderland, Coney Island Emporium, and Six Flags Great America.

GOFFA International Corporation has designed, developed and distributed numerous products catering to the needs of their customers worldwide. They pride themselves on outstanding designing capabilities, service, superior products and of course, commitment to their customers. The priority at GOFFA is customer satisfaction and to provide the best of service, competitive prices, quality products and timely shipments. After all, they are "The Plushiest Choice." For more information, please visit