Rob Maschio

About Rob Maschio

When Rob Maschio graduated from Syosset High School in the late 1980s, his career goals included pre-med, pre-law and possibly even politics. At that time, he never pictured himself living in LA and acting - as he is now in NBC's hit comedy “Scrubs”.

Rob's Pet Peeves

  1. Being Recognized From Scrubs
    Often times an attractive, young woman will recognize me from my work as the Todd on Scrubs, and she'll always ask me the same question: What's Zach Braff really like??? Is he kind? Is he a generous person? My stock answer at this point is: Zach Braff's only concern is for his partners orgasm, he doesn't even care if he has one...
  2. The Expression "This Is Where The Magic Happens"
    Maybe it started with MTV Cribs, but anytime someone gives a tour of their house, inevitably when they (he) gets to the bedroom, he'll point to his bed and say: And this is where the magic happens." Really? Magic?? Because every time I look at my bed all I can think is: "And this is where I routinely disappoint 2 women at once..."
  3. The Penny
    I hate the penny. Nothing cost 1 cent. Or 2, or 3, or 4, and if it costs 5 cents,
    just cut me a damn nickel! The Penny is Dead!!
  4. Know Your Audience.
    Sometimes a woman will tell me how her day was, and she'll go on and on about shopping, spas and shoes...please, ladies, I'm just a guy, when you start in with that great shoe sale you discovered, I see your mouth moving, but all I'm doing is watching your boobs jiggle as you talk...
  5. Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover
    People always assume I'm just like the character I play on Scrubs. A cocky, inappropriate, jock surgeon, who thinks he's God's Gift to women. Don't you get it, it's all make believe, I'm nothing like the character I play on Scrubs, with one exception: we both have huge hogs.
  6. Backhanded Compliments
    People used to come up to me all the time and say the same thing: You should be on a sitcom! Thanks, I would graciously respond, which one should I be on? Oh, I can't watch any of that crap. In other words, TV sucks, but I'd be really good at it...
  7. Shopping with My Dad
    ... makes for some of the most Embarrassing Moments in my life. My dad and I are shopping for a dress for my mom (first mistake) Here's my dad talking to a complete stranger: "Excuse me. Miss, yes, what size are you? It's just, this is my son and we're shopping for my wife. 14?!? (To Me)Jesus, your mother's not that big. (To Stranger) Thank you.
  8. Cougars on the Prowl
    To all those sophisticated, older ladies out there, don't think you can lure me with wild, no strings attached, uninhibited sex, on a roof, or in a booth or in your car, wait, no, check that, that's okay, we're good, no pet peeve here...
  9. People Who Don't Deliver What They Promise
    Like if a person says he's going to write a top ten list of pet peeves, but he gets bored, hungry, horny who knows, and he stops doing the list at number 9. Finish the job, time, next time...