Carnie Wilson

About Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson, from the famed group Wilson Phillips, recently finished the taping of MTVs successful Celebrity Fit Club series losing the 22 lbs of "baby weight" and looking fitter than ever. Her award winning children's album A Mother's Gift, Lullabies From The Heart recently received another accolade, The Parent's Choice Award. She is doing several tour dates this fall with her sister Wendy, billed as the Wilson Sisters

Carnie Wilson's Pet Peeves

  1. My number one pet peeve would have to be LIARS..... I cannot stand people who lie. Why not just tell the truth... you'll feel better about yourself in the end and then have to lie less in life!!!!
  2. Traffic. It's one of those things that seems to happen when you're in a hurry. Lately, I have been just trying to relax more in the car. You can't make the cars go any faster, so you might as well just make a few forgotten phone calls or sing your heart out to some of your favorite CD's.
  3. Running late. This one sort of ties in with #2, but really it's about organization. It seems like when I run late, my whole day get's screwed, my whole attitude turns negative and I become snappy. The best thing I do is try to organize my time efficiently, this way I run late less often.
  4. Make-up mess ups - When I am walking outside, the wind blows and my hair sticks to my lip gloss. This is just annoying as F#@*. LOL. No solution. LOL. You can't tell Mother Nature to stop blowing, and God forbid you stop wearing lip gloss!!!
  5. Impatient's such a turn-off and they just make me nervous... I feel like saying: SLOW DOWN YOU FOOL!!! They're destined for heart disease.... LOL.