About Pet Peeves, LLC

On the Internet today, there are so many fads: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.

While they come and go—there is ONLY one constant in life and the Web—My Pet Peeves.

Everyday we have new experiences, changes in the world, our lifestyle, technology, work etc. but there is one constant: the world can’t keep up with satisfying us all and making life  better. Instead, there are constant irritations and issues that we have to deal with…and there is only one place to go to share these humorous, ugly and great experiences… www.MyPetPeeves.com.

Everyone is constantly confronted with annoyances. From the moment we wake up, we prepare for unsolicited annoyances. Whether it is our interactions with family, friends, co-workers, or strangers, we are at the mercy of their bad manners and lack of common decency.

Most people face these everyday indignities with anger and resentment. Now, our new web site and product lines are being introduced to help people vent about their everyday annoyances and stress in a humorous way. They are called Pet Peeves.

Creating the products is just part of the story. Pet Peeves ® were conceived by a disparate group of executives from consumer packaged goods companies such as Playtex, Xerox, Kodak, Avery, Applause, and Ty who were looking to apply their creativity, knowledge and desires to satisfy consumer needs for fun and to create products that make people laugh.

Steve Levin, President of Pet Peeves Interactive, LLC, the company that created Pet Peeves® noted, “Today, where everyone is confronted with increasing levels of personal, family, job and societal stress there are no companies developing Internet places or products that help address these anxieties and issues. Pet Peeves® are meant to help people treat each other better by discussing their everyday annoyances and irritations in an upbeat way.”

Jonathan Williamson, our prior Marketing VP started the journey by engaging TNS NFO, a well-known marketing research firm to conduct interviews with 1000 consumers on their annoyances. These findings lead to the development of the Pet Peeves® characters.

Research showed the top annoyances are: cell phone abusers, grouchy people, messy people, telemarketers, tardy people, being ignored, tailgaters and bad customer service. Well now our Pet Peeves® are too much technology, text messaging, big corporations screwing us and many others.

Steve Levin added, “The company mission is to provide a safe and fun place on the Internet and licensee products to have a positive effect on human interaction. Usually everyday irritations cause people to respond in a negative way. Instead, the Pet Peeves™ brand, embodied in consumer products, entertainment properties and forthcoming interactive websites primary purpose will be to induce laughter and constructive banter. With Pet Peeves™, we are turning a negative situation into a positive one.”

The products are now available in pet stores, gift stores, party goods stores, airport stores, bookstores, casino and hotel gift shops, drug stores and other specialty retail outlets and on the web.

Pet Peeves® will be everywhere soon. Well, they actually exist everywhere---NOW!

Pet Peeves® will soon to be found as a comic strip, on apparel, greeting cards, and in animated family films. Levin added, “imagine, Pet Peeves™ characters teaching children about conflict, consequences, and helping others through socialization and educational applications! We anticipate that Pet Peeves™ characters could become a major kids brand espousing good conduct.”

Pet Peeves LLC, is located in Los Angeles--- probably the most aggravating city in the world!

The company specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of quality products and entertainment properties via licensing, joint ventures/partners.

Meanwhile, the web site, www.mypetpeeves.com provides peevers with the only timeless place to vent, share, express and solve our everchanging experiences.