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Cell Phone Parts


Ok, So I bought a Pantech Duo off of ebay about a year ago... I FREAKING LOVE IT....but the flex cable that goes through both sliding sections of the phone broke on me. So now I have a Samsung Vue.

Did ya miss me??

Because I sure missed all of you! I have had ALOT of interesting developments in my life since the last time I was on here.

Why hello there...


I haven't been able to be on in a while, and I miss all you goobers bunches.



I read your post on True Blood. Clint and I are hooked! they are actually based on a book series called Sookie Stackhouse series. I am trying to buy them.

Why, hello there!


It has been forever since I got on, hell since I was ABLE to get on. The move went ok, I guess as good as can be expected. My job is going really well.

guess what happened?


So they just laid out the news Tuesday, that the whole Alcoa Rockdale Plant is closing.They already got my husband on 9/7, in the second round of layoffs, which both of those rounds total was 160 p



And I am excited!  I applied for a job in a town 3 hours from where we live,on-line on Wed, got a call back in 10 min to set up an interview.

We might be moving!


And odd as it is, I am quite excited. We are going up to Longview, TX this week to see my Dad and check out potential jobs. I am taking off Friday and we are going to check it out.



The bastard is going to hit my ass!!!!

My husband......


The local newspaper called my husband and wanted to do a write up on him since he got laid off from Alcoa. Here is the web site:

It happened...


Clint finished his final shift today at 8am. He is sitting at home on the computer looking for jobs through our texas workforce website, and various other sites as well. He is so bummed out.

Update on Dawn


As I posted last night, they werre going to Tallahasse, FL. As of 9:41 thise morning, they haven't gotten there yet, but they were about 15 min from it.

Anyone heard from Dawn??


Has anyone heard from Dawn on if they have gotten out yet? The hurricane is supposed to turn into a Cat.5 by landfall. I sent her an email, but I haven't heard from her.

Kindergarten Pics!!


Clint is getting laid off on Sept. 7. His anniversary date is Sept.

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