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america's got moron's for judges of talent

ok WTF is going on with these judges???!!! if anyone watches this show i CANNOT BELIEVE they took that old tired ugly ass yodeling abomination who went WAY over her 90 seconds to a whopping 11 minutes (and she sucks) to hollywood and not the opera singing prodigy!!! ARE THEY SERIOUS??!! too much crack sharon? to much sun seeping in that bald head howie?

don't touch that button!!!!


why WHY do people come along when you're waiting for the elevator, see that i have already hit the button thus lighting it up and PUSH IT AGAIN?! this drives me crazy!!! can't you see it's already lit? do you think pushing it again will make the elevator come sooner??!! WHY do people do this?! it's like getting in a car that's already on and trying to turn it on! there's no point!!!!

couldn't get on this website


i haven't been on here in 3 years because my last crappy job took away our internet and that peeved the crap out of me! so good to be back!

me again


hi guys. i'm at my cousin's house so i'll be on for an hour or so. miss everyone! i went on a job interview today and got the usual "we'll call you" response.

Life without internet sucks


Hello everyone who remembers me! I haven't been on for a while because my employer has literally turned off our internet at work! And, I  have no internet at home because I'm ghetto.

omg people come on!


now what kind of crack do you have to be smoking to name your daughter Deontraleashia??!! you have GOT to be kidding me! i mean is that a combo of a bunch of family names or what?

freaking hilarious!


ok, so a lady walks into my office the other day for a medical malpractice claim. she states her eye dr messed up her eyes. so i ask her what happened. she says he ruined her nipples!

i don't understand

really, i don't wanna debate or anything, but if there are any Catholics here, i've always wanted to know something, but i don't ask anyone personally because i don't want to come across as rude or gi

wait a minute!


so this lady calls my office, says "yeah, my sister was hurt, she fell down at (whatever restaurant it was) and she was pregnant" so you guys know how it annoys the SHIT out of me when a grown person

close your mouth!


so i know kids eat with their mouths open, but when you're already 5 or 6 years old, i shouldn't have to tell you thirty times at the dinner table to close your mouth!

just say so!


don't you guys just hate it when someone's mad at you and they won't tell you why and they treat you like a damn leper and make you feel really crappy, then it turns out that whatever they were mad ab

almost is not an injury


how in the world is a personal injury (note INJURY) firm supposed to represent someone who was ALMOST hurt?

another weird name


i just got a call from someone name Tranquilinia, okaaaay.......

what the hell was her mom thinking? i wonder if she has any siblings and what their names are.....



so my son will be 7 on 7/7/07, so naturally i plan the hugest party in the world and now there's a chance of rain, this damn texas rain that WON'T STOP.

i can't dump my boyfriend


i keep trying to dump him, but he won't let me!

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