Recent Rants by Neers Fan aka MV

Trying to leave the gas station.


So I am trying to pull out into the road there is no traffic. One car comes over the hill and parks right in the way of the driveway to the gas station. It is about 500 feet to the stop light. Jerk.

Rain rain rain.


I am on vacation and it is raining like crazy. Sucks I want to go do stuff.



I am on vacation for 2 weeks wooooooooooooo whoooooooooooooo

Idiots at work.


Tired of telling people how to do things and all of sudden they forget. It is not rocket science.

Cars Breaking down.

We need to go back to horse and buggy cars breaking down all the time tires fuel expensive this just sucks.

No one comes here anymore.


No one comes here anymore. Sad Sad Sad.

To you old timers.


I know you old timers check in once in while here. So why not post a rant? So what some people pissed you off people piss you off everyday. Sad to see no one posting here just because they think one person ruined it. Why don't you old timers that used to post here get off your high horse and post again.


Or are you to good to post here anymore?

No political rants.


Now that the political rants have stopped how come no one posts here anymore? TGIX is gone no reason not to return. So come people start posting again you do not have to worry about political rants.

Having to idiot proof everything.

I work in foodservice at a university and I tell you some of the stupid people they hire. You have to make everything idiot proof because unless the foodservice at colleges is self op then companies will hire any jerk off the street looking for a job. Anyway so you have to label everything when to pull it what to use it just to make sure they do not pull the wrong thing and use it.

The roadsign is there for a reason idiot.


So the last few days I am leaving work and we have to go out a certain way this week. So I am sitting in my car a big line of cars are waiting for some stupid student to turn. Only problem is there is no left turn where you exit. You are supposed to turn right. Well this jerk is trying to turn left traffic will not let him go and the line is building up.

ATM fees.

I was at a atm machine the other day and they wanted 3.50 to draw my money out. Plus the 50 cent charge that my bank charges. That is a total of 4 bucks. What a ripoff that was needless to say I never done it. These banks are out of control.

When is the Andrews Air Force Base air show?


Hey TGIX have they already had the air show at Andrews? If not when are they having it? Thanks.

Pennsylvania Road Signs.


So I took the family to Kennywood up in Pittsburgh PA. Had a great time. But man they have some hosed signs. I mean they hardly have any route signs or speed limit signs. When you come to a reduced speed zone most normal states have Reduced Speed ahead and have the Speed limit then right after that a Speed Limit sign. NOT IN PA.

Postal rates going up again.


The posts office is bleeding and bleeding badly. Is it time for the post office to just go away? Let private industry take care of it. I have a novel idea how about lowering rates to get people to use it.

Stupid Viagra and other ads like it.


Hey if you have a erection longer then 4 hours seek medical help. Hell if I have one after 2 hours im going to the doctor.

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