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Sneers Fag


It's a troll

It monopolizes this site

No one gives a rat's ass what it says

It should be banned for harassment under this sites terms and conditions




Still paying out the rear end for Bush's MORONIC ecological neglect


With the acoustic trigger on the exploded/sunk/mega-leaking BP well the Entire Gulf of Mexico and her beaches would have never been fouled.

People really are fear stricken to the point of irrationality,0,4239408.story?h...

Not a shot fired, plenty of people stabbed though, and the hysteria immediately turns to blaming guns when, ironically enough, it was in fact a gun that put this maniac's massive bloodshed to an end before even more people were sliced apart.


Those republicans are violent right wing radical nutcases!

They truly believe that the world will end if they don't kill people who they think are killing babies with the new health care legislation. Of course democrats gave in to their pressure so there is NO CHANGE to the law with regard to abortions but that does not stop people like Sarah Palin from encouraging guns be shot at innocent human beings.

Study shows liberal aetheists are more intelligent

To those who will reject it even before reading the study, know this - denial is at best a waste of time and at worst something even far less desirable. IOW resistance is futile. LOL

President BO knocks it out of the park in his S.O.T.U. speech



Didn't try to sugar coat things.

Brain Farts


You know what I'm talking about. You're having a really nice conversation with someone and then       



oh my gawd. Um, Where was i ? what were we talking about?


Buried alive for TEN DAYS and rescued!


The resilience of the human spirit exceeds the most daunting challenges

Happy 2010 Everyone!


I've selected this time to make my reappearance here. 2009 was excellent to me in many ways except, not long after a nice job promotion I suffered heart failure while driving and went head on into a tree at 55mph.

Senator Edward Kennedy was a great man


He will be missed by so many.

What is HILARIOUS is that it was a REPUBLICAN who added the end of life COUNSELING to the health care bill YET it is the Same Political Party that is acting as if it was Obama who created it.


The FACT is that end of life counseling is GOOD and the FACT is that it was a REPUBLICAN who Added it to the bill!

But HYPOCRITES are not going to change their stripes. How sick that is.

More Maine


The first post wouldn't let me upload this picture.




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