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Peeve Characters...

I see ya'll are doing the contest again. When do you start to announce the winners? Also, my favorite from the contest rules:


"All entries become the property of Pet Peeves, LLC and will not be acknowledged or returned."


Based on that - I will not expect to ever find out the answer to the above question.

Another Rave!!! (So Far)

Google Chrome! Now keep in mind I'm only on day two or three of using it, but I love it so far. I'm not a pro with computer stuff in any way, so I know I don't use is as other people would. I'm just a "general browsing" user. I asked a tech-savvy friend about it before trying it, and he only had one complaint, which was something I had no clue what he was talking about.

Not a rant, a RAVE!!!!

You should all go get Sarah Palins book and read it. Inform your brain because I know most of you only think of her what you saw on TV. FACT: 99% of Alaskans do NOT like the Sarah that was on TV as VP elect. FACT: The Sarah you saw on TV is not Sarah, it was what the GOP made her be. FACT: She fixed our state, she can damn well fix the country.

I have to share

Cause it made me cry...


Note about the new site....


If you hover over "relationships" and then click on "sex" you will not get laid. I just tried, but it didn't work.

Just one question.....


How do I add people as friends???

I'm Alive!!!


Oh man, I swear every time things settle down for me they pick right back up and turn into more craziness!! I am still living at the beach, and still love it here. I had a change of job though....

Holy life happens fast!


Not sure when I'll be on here next, so I'm posting while I can remember too!!!

For starters - I got a job, and moved AGAIN.

Well, it's been a while


But I've been busy job hunting and all that jazz. Not sure how it is where you all are, but here it's 7 people per open job.

Just a quick note


To let ya'll know I made it to Oregon!! Just started job hunting so nothing yet, but I don't expect to get hired in a day.

Hope all is well, I'll stop back when I have more time!

Last week


Well, it's my last week in Alaska. I'm thinking of all the things I'll miss, and all the things I won't miss. The good times and the bad.

This shit just makes me... makes me...


I just mean... Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Ugh...

That Hangover movie....



Like, seriously HOLY funny-ness, holy insanely making me cry laughing movie. HOLY HYSTERICAL, holy I missed that line cause I was crying laughing...

Yeah, it's that good.

Read before you speak


Don't say she's a quitter or couldn't take it.

The moving Post

Well, so far things are going good. I gave work 3 weeks notice yesterday. They've been good to me so I figured I'd let them know before the normal 2 weeks.

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