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Awwwwww. . . . .

Golden Globes Cancels Traditional Show


purple and gold and red, OH MY!!!!

I'M SO TIRED OF IT, all week on the news and all the people around here

So who in congress voted this in?

MORE proof that our esteemed leaders WANT us ALL to PAY for stuff that used to be 'free'. I am talking about television of course.

Glenn Beck

I am watching Glenn Beck interview Penn if Penn and Teller.

Waiting forEVER for a PC game!

Alright, I admit it, I am a SciFi NERD!My wife & I have watched Stargate SG-1 for the last TEN years and they CANCELED IT for no good reason!

Well I am married, but perhaps one of you single guys out there?

Van Halen, Bertinelli divorce finalized

did I hear right?

I was watching the news just now and I saw how gov.

I Am On A Sexism Roll Here

It still amazes me that Hollywood will go out and hire a schlubby looking male actor to play a schlub, but when they need a similarly cast female part, they go out and hire some hotty, hot, hot , s

Yes, I'm a grinch.

I hate Christmas. First off, I'm allergic to Blue Spruce Trees, the perfect Christmas tree. So I get to spend this time of year calling places I want to go and see if they have one.

Good for her!

Hewitt strikes back over bikini shots

December 3, 2007, 2:21 pm PST

awwww, man!!!

I'M MAD!!!!! see why...

OK, we LOST but K-Ville is a pretty good show.

the Saints suck big time right now, BUT K-Ville isn't bad! certain scenes are inaccurate, but you wouldn't know unless you live here.

my girl, my girl, my GOD!!

OK ya'll, help me out, PLEASE somebody tell me WTF was up with Britney at the VMA's tonight??
I SO wanted her to kick ASS BUT she fouled out BIG TIME!!

Disgusting Anti-Smoking Commercials

So the other night I got home from work and my boyfriend was kind enough to have a delicious pork chop dinner waiting for me.

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