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Jack in the Box. . .

Alright, I normally don't like his commercials, but the one with the YARD SALE was DEAD ON!!!!

The PUPPY BOWL?!?!?!?

I mean, Puppies are cute and all, but to make a feature length MOVIE just showing a bunc of pups playing on a simulated football field?

How's This for Customer Service

I was watching Dr Phil yesterday, he had this woman who did the greatest thing EVER!

Watch and laugh your ass off!

I just saw this on youtube, and decided to share since I couldn't quit laughing! Jimmy Kimmel has been dating Sarah Silverman for over 5 years, and they are both commedians.

Hannah Montana Movie

It comes to theaters on Friday to Austin. They already have tickets on sale for $15 a person, for a freggin movie. It is mostly already sold out!

What is up with THIS?

Now I don't mind commercials pushing the virtues of one pregnancy product over another. but to watch a 'demonstration' of how easy it would be to put this under the stream?!?!

I USED to like Cheeto's . . .

until I saw that commercial in the laundry room, and the leopard dude suggest that the girl eating Cheeto's put some INTO the other girls WHITES drying in the machine!

HughesNet Internet commercials

I hate the commercial for HughesNet internet service.

well, I saw this commercial

for Always feminine products and it was talking about how this girl in Africa would miss one week of school every month because of her period!

if I see this commercial ONE MO' TIME...

I swear I will just go POSTAL!!!

it's the stupid train bank commercial for Lionel trains!!!

Awwwwww. . . . .

Golden Globes Cancels Traditional Show


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