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Now this game show on ABC is just hilarious!!! It is worth watching just for the laughter!!! Well, this and 'I survived a Japanese Game show'!!!

Show me the movie.

As a consumer, there’s nothing I hate worse than being made to feel like an idiot.

I'm confused . . .

So I'm watching this commercial, the one that says, 'My heart is one flight of stairs stronger' next scene, 'one piggy-back stronger' and so on and so forth.

I wonder what the TIPS going to be?!?!?!?!

Drew Carey orders 45 pizzas shipped cross-country


Thu Jun 26, 5:07 AM ET


How’s you Speed Reading? Don’t blink.


Peeve Meister here.

What are some these companies hiding from us – that they don’t want us to see or hear?

YAY, he won!!!


What did you think of last night's performances?

 Who do you think is going to win tonight?  And who do you think SHOULD win?

If THIS was my child....

If these were my children, I WOULD NOT stand behind them, trying to say this was blown out of proportion!

A quick peeve

I hate when something double posts by accident!

The exclamation "Oh My G**!"

Those of you that watch ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition should know what I'm talking about (that's where I hear it the most): The family checks out their new house and what's t

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