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OffAir television reception.

I live 'out in the boondocks', in mountainous terrain.

Feminine product commercials

Annoying, my rant is that we don't need commercials that focus on embarrasing situations like this. There are others too, like stool softners.

JP Morgan Go To Hell! Stole $700 Million from Mississippi

Too big to fail. No one said that all the companies that we work for and have laid off millions of Americans are, "too big to fail".


Mr. Sexy, you WILL be missed...

of course I'm talkin about Patrick Swayze. I was SO hoping he would pull through this!!! He hd a new show on cable called The Beast. I liked it among all his other movies as well.



My god it feels almost as if we're being assaulted by advertising these days, there is no getting away from it.

John and Kate Plus 8

Is anyone else as sick and tired of hearing about this debacle as I am?

What really bothers me is that the media put these people on pedestal and are now determined to make thier lives miserable.

thinking about trying this...

know anyone who has it?

Special Reports on TV

A Big Tv peeve is when they interupt your show for a special report, only to hear the news anchors go on and on and on for an hour about details they don't have yet.

come on..he's not really THAT dumb...


one word...Joaquin Phoenix. personally, I think it was all staged.

Bart Versus Australia

Ok the Aussies had some Pet Peeves of their own on this one, but good comedy is good comedy.


'Don't leave you family holding the bag'

'Too much for your phone?'

'Health insurance too much, call us!'

I think of this everytime I see this guy!

"...because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough...and doggone it people like me...!!!" 

Bite me, bite me.

I am sooo tired of infomercials

A Rave for Christmas!

I just bought the Jeff Dunham Chirstmas Special, I don't normally like stand up comedy but this guy is great! Jeff is a ventriloquist with several puppets.

True Blood

This show is getting soooo good! I wonder if Sukie and Bill will have little vampire babies. LOL

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