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Check this out!  Ah the power of suggestion eh?


Don't Take Your Electronics to Canada

A new law will soon go into affect in Canada designed to curb piracy, a good thing right?  Not so fast!  This law gives customs the right to seize any ele

My Computer Crashing


AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My computer has become less stable than Charles Manson on a good day!

Cool Software


Ever wanna put videos from your pc onto an I-Pod, PSP, or other personal video player? 


LOL, ID thieves getting sneakier!!!!

This is the one I just got in my Spam folder, I just had to share. . .

I-Pod Touch


I just got my 8 gig I-Pod Touch and thought I'd write about it. Now in the stores this player is $299 but I got the refurbished version from the Apple website for $199.

Escapee ‘Spam King’ dead in apparent murder-suicide

Convicted spammer Eddie Davidson, who escaped from federal prison over the weekend, killed his wife and 3-year-old daughter before killing himself in what is being described as a murder-suicide.

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day [Jul 25]

Administrators are the real unsung heroes in any office today. They hold great importance in the running of a business.

E-mail Scams


I hate getting these emails that say forward this message to x number of people and win cash or some prize.  Do people honestly think they are getting what is offered?

food for thought...

I don't know if any of you have already seen this but it really makes you look a little differently at all the things we complain about!

I'm really loosing patience

Okay, I realize I may be getting old here, but I have just about lost it with cell phones.

People who have nothing better to do

It really amazes me that in this age of technology, we have to worry about viruses attacking some one's computer.

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