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Rain rain rain.


I am on vacation and it is raining like crazy. Sucks I want to go do stuff.

Study shows liberal aetheists are more intelligent

To those who will reject it even before reading the study, know this - denial is at best a waste of time and at worst something even far less desirable. IOW resistance is futile. LOL


I have not peeved in a while.


Obama is cutting NASA and is canceling going to the moon. I don't care about the politics in this but this is a shame. The once proud American people have now the only thing to look for inspiration is the opening of  the next Wal Mart down the street.  JFK Obama is not. Now we have to depend on the Russians to get us to and from the space station.

Peeve Characters...

I see ya'll are doing the contest again. When do you start to announce the winners? Also, my favorite from the contest rules:


"All entries become the property of Pet Peeves, LLC and will not be acknowledged or returned."


Based on that - I will not expect to ever find out the answer to the above question.

Another on BITES THE DUST!!!

In wake of Climategate, British climate scientist steps down

By Andrew Nusca | Dec 2, 2009 |

Cloudy days


It's November so that great big cloud has rolled in over the Northeast.  Should be gone by, oh, April!


I know, that is a 'tired' saying, however, THIS time it TOTALLY FITS!!!! I kept asking why would a flu that isn't even normally lethal, have such a media scare about getting the vaccine for it?

Whatever happened to . . .

Paula and CR1978 and Dancemaster and the rest of them?

another explanation of rising sea levels...

I was watching National Geographic this weekend and saw a show about Dubai and how they are making more islands. Yes, man made islands.

Just a thought. . .

Some say that we need to stop adding to the global warming by ceasing the use of gas powered engines and stop using coal for energy.

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