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Most Recent Rants in Relationships

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Spending Money They Don't Have

I've had to deal with this in every relationship I've had ... and it's just scary how many people live on the edge of financial ruin. Why do people insist on spending money they don't have?

necessity dictates couteous logic

Ok... well it is finals week here at El Universidad de Texas Norte "summer edition", and sitting my first exam (only two exams out of SEVEN CLASSES SO BEAT THAT!) in my US Histories Class.

stop touching yourself

so i was at the sex shop yesterday looking at the dvd's and other things for me and my lady and the guy next to me wouldnt stop touching himself.

people bothering me while i sleep

my boyfriend and i have our new, cozy, and comfy king bed. last night a friend of mine came over to see harry potter with my two "sister-in-laws" and one of their brother in laws.

stupid father

on my way back from lunch i saw a father trying to cross AGAINST THE LIGHT pushing a baby buggy and the other cars didn't stop for him.  i stopped to let him go but i wanted to get out and take the ki

Kids that learn things from their piss poor parents

I guess even piss poor parents have some good qualities that the kid(baby goat) can learn from, but the bad ones seem to prevail more.

My step-son (who is 10) was in our girls room playing with the

Some Men...

As I was reading a post, something just hit me upside the head....

Most (not all) men are pigs.

Gay raunchiness more child friendly than straight raunchiness?

They had the gay pride parade.  There were  half naked men walking the street.  Some were bumping and grinding up against each other.  My peeve is that there were mothers and fathers there with small

annoying nosey new girlfriend

My ex and I have a 7 yr old son, we have been split up for 3 years.

Movies and Sex

Why do people think that every single flipping movie needs to have a sex scene in it? I don't even bother with suggesting a movie for a first date because it would be just awkward.



Public Displays of Affection

This seriously bothers me. Okay, fine be in love but seriously...GET A ROOM! I do not want to have to see two people showing affection in public, it's just gross!

"correct" english

When people find out I'm a linguist and start complaining to me about how badly kids speak these days.

Women Who Call Their Spouses, Boyfriends, Lovers At Work

Thousands of calls come into the mill where I work. Over half of these are women wanting to talk to their men. If it's not an emergency, they have no business holding up phone lines.


I live with my grandparents, so they are always getting calls from telemarketers.

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