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What is With Healthcare???????????

Hey republicans and Democrats get your shit together. My family needs it, we want it and so do 47mILLION OTHERS. So what id it is not perfect. We'll figure ir out over time. Inflation is -2% and our premiums are going up 14% . Come on . All of our politicians are wimps while the rest of us suffer. This is BS.

Let’s all have just a little more compassion…….

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe that when people cause there own struggles in life the rest of society shouldn’t have to pay for it. The classic examples include the welfare mom or people who choose to live in natural disaster prone areas. I admit, even I allow myself to think in such simplified terms from time to time.


At my place of work, there are some guys that make it a point to shake hands...CONSTANTLY! It's not like I haven't seen them in years...it's the next freakin' day!

New Years Driving Habbits

When it comes to drunk driving, the facts are very evident:

You drink and drive you go to jail.

What is so difficult about this?

Klingon Orgasm


I NEED prayers from ALL of you, PLEASE!!!!


An old friend from hs just informed me that she needs ALL of our prayers for her 10 year old daughter. She is at the police station being arrested! Why? Because her daughter has a 'thing' for setting FIRES! She is in need of some intense psychiatric help as she apparently has had this 'fire-bug' problem for too long. In addition, she also has hurt her little brother a LOT in the past.

Possesive Husbands


I hate posessive husbands. Like the ones that wont let their wives cut their hair or eat meat, and threaten to leave them if the don't become vegetarian. The ones who condescend.

I am NOT your personal servant


Why do people take my kindness for granted? Why do they take advantage of my kindness? I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL SERVANT. STOP BOSSING ME AROUND!!!


Thank you

Cheating Husbands


My rant is Cheating Preverted Husbands and their laptop computers.  How can something that was meant to give us so much good be used to do so much harm.  I want to take all computers and all men and put them on an Island together and take away their internet access!  Maybe then they would realize that there are others among them and that there is a Real world outhere!  

That witchy girl on the cheer squad!

Why do 14 year old girls feel the need to make life hell for other girls?  My daughter is a great athelete who has done gymnastics, acrogymnatics, dance and trampoline all her life.  She tried out and made the cheer squad as a freshman and is naturally a great flyer who excells at the stunts the squad does.  She loves it, but of course there is a jealous, petty little w


I hate people who make negative comments about their co-workers on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) like the person they are talking about will never see what they are saying.

My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

Reply or Reply All??

Hit the right button will ya!!!!  Keep your private stuff to yourself and dont send it to "All".

My Kids and Texting

My kids text 24/7. Not just me but all their buddies. They text me when they know I would rather be called. They know I'm driving home from work, text me a question and expect me to text back.

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