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About time SOMEONE did this!!!!

Judge allows civil suit over co-worker's perfume
Thu Nov 27, 9:49 am ET

A conundrum:

Americans always talk about the 'power of voting' and 'The will of the people' when speaking of issues going to a vote, right?

An open letter to celebrities

Dear celebrities,

sad sad sad day...

Poeple have left this site because of all the political CRAP! Someone said that after the election we would be bambarded with "I told you so's".

well, there you go, it's over and I knew it!

Obama won...I knew it, I never said it out loud but I knew.

Please remember to vote!!!


No matter whom you are supporting; if you are a registered voter: Please make sure you get to the polls in time to vote tomorrow!

too true...

Hmmm, must be all the LEGAL drugs!!!!

Dutch court convicts 2 of stealing virtual items
Tue Oct 21, 1:09 pm ET

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – A

I know, I know, it is 'all over', but since it is . . .


Here are a couple of 'minor' things TGIX would rather NOBODY would talk about:

'Stirring up the pot' . . .

'Nice' radio ad sent to my email box . . .assuredly TGIX will have something to say against this, but I want to hear it.

what the heck does this mean?


I got 2 emails about this.  I know when I vote, I just press who I want.  not any of this other stuff.

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