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Al Gore strikes out AGAIN

Looks like ol Al whiffed again with his Concert for the Earth or whatever the hell it was called. What a waste.

office politics

I hate office politics! One of the guys that I work with who is a contractor like me is resigning next week due to office politics.

'Modern Terrorists'?

  After their military defeat by regular forces, the occupied population produced terrorists who engaged in bombings, sniping, poisonings, and other attacks on occupation forces and on the civilian po

Some reasons why Bush doesn't want you to know about Global warming

Read below, and maybe you'll start to see why it is the GWBush keeps working so hard to keep his country in the dark about "global warming" .

the punishment should fit the crime

oh if i ruled the world this would be my first law

i hate hearing about criminals rights and stupid shit like that

f*ck them!

War in Iraq

It annoys me to always hear 'War in Iraq' when it was an INVASION.

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