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9-11***moment of silence

I want to thank anyone that may visit this site that serves to protect our freedom. I would also like to send my sympathies to anyone who may have lost a loved one on this horrific day.

sooooo....who else is BORED?


cuz it seems that nobody's talking about anything ELSE BUT politics.




I am so confused about who I am going to vote for in the 2008 election.

Just a thought part II . . .


It's near that time of the year so maybe someone can explain this to me AGAIN. . .


I am talking about why there are different rules governing how a candidate is picked between the two parties?

I know I hate politics, BUT


No More

I am fed up with Govy having his hands all up in my privates as he whispers in my ear how good I will feel or that it’s for my own goo

I guess they are bored with Favre gone!!!

Woman cuffed, booked for not paying library fines

This is a JOKE!!!!

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