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All I can say . . .

Nope, this didn't 'fix' the problem either. . . 

Maybe THIS one. . .

Alright, I am changing THIS post, right in the middle of the oddness, let's see what happens . . .

And they deserves this WHY????


I WISH I could get a raise for NOT being approved of by MY boss!!! 

Pretty much sums it up


nice  pic eh?

Questions that will go unanswered

Questions for candidates for President:


I'd yell it at her too, and then it wouldn't be considered sexist!! I have no problem with a woman running for president, she's just a bad choice!!

Stupid arsed comments from the media, ALL politicians, and BIN LADIN!

No really, I don't care WHO they claim to represent, I cannot STAND politicians here or ANYWHERE! It doesn't matter if they are from the US, from Argentina, Columbia,the EU, or Pakistan!

did I hear right?

I was watching the news just now and I saw how gov.

TGIX, rant on about the Democrats as well here . . .

Since you choose to bring up torture and how the Republicans keep doing it, I thought I would also show the Democrats have SUPPORTED it as well, the Democrats in OFFICE right now!!!

I am SOO scared! Why doesn't the GOVERNMENT do something?!?!?!

No really, in the 80s I was scared of nuclear war, thanks to a certain, badly written movie about nuclear war and surving it in the mid-west (lot o' nightmares from that one!), in the 90s I was

here me out.

Before anyone comments please read carefully what I am posting.

I am a contractor for the Army. I am also a veteran of the Army.

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