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Funeral Peeves

We buried my grandma a week ago today, and I have some peeves.

First to her self centered step children and their kids, go screw yourselves!

You Have The Wrong Fricking Number!

I hate when someone calls you and obviously has the wrong number then asks what the right number is, as if I'm a human phone book or something!

Funeral Peeves

My aunt died and her funeral was today.

Another STUPID criminal!!!!!

Police: Man seeks ride from detective after heist
Sat Jul 11, 6:15 pm ET


The moving Post

Well, so far things are going good. I gave work 3 weeks notice yesterday. They've been good to me so I figured I'd let them know before the normal 2 weeks.

This is Outrageous, the Consumer Gets Screwed Again


Sony has redesigned its Portable Playstation, removing the UMD Drive, providing a smaller screen, and smaller case.

These Two Deserve Each Other....

Sarah Palin is now defending Carrie Prejean!

Remember Sarah Palin who lost her bid to become Vice President in the recent election?

How sad


Seriously Mad Vulcan, it's so sad that you have now become the troll.

I just HAVE to get it out already....

So my roommate is driving me up a f'ing wall lately. I'm biting my tongue because I'm moving this fall and he doesn't know yet (nobody knows yet) but I have HAD it.

Whatever happened to . . .

Paula and CR1978 and Dancemaster and the rest of them?

Facebook Scam!


Facebook <

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