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Reply or Reply All??

Hit the right button will ya!!!!  Keep your private stuff to yourself and dont send it to "All".

Blind Followers


I get so annoyed with people that do not recognize liars.  They believe these cons and follow them blindly.  What ever happened to common sense?

Slow computer


My rant at the moment is slow internet service.

Parents who force their children to fight!


My 10 year old daughter was at the park with some friends and a group of kids started arguing with her. I went to get her and a crowd of the kids' parents surrounded me.

So, with the unemployement rate above 10%, where is TGIX???

Actually, I meant where is Obama and Biden coming forth saying this was what they 'planned' to happen. What with all that 'Bail-out' money and TARP funding, how many people were STILL laid off?


Why do smokers think its ok to throw their butts out of the car window? Do they know they aren't bio-degradeable? Our kids' kids will be ankle deep in cigarette filters!

I hate the YANKEES!

Are you tired of the spoiled over paid Yankees. Luckily the Phillies won. LOL

I wouldn't mind getting paid $20.Million a year ? Are you guys as well paid?

Nothing in particular...


Just wanted to send a shoutout to all my peeps! I've missed you!!! And I've included a hottie picture of Robert Pattinson (my teen heartthrob) to make you all drop your panties.Yes, even Slappy.

Everyone join hands....


And add a pic to your profile thingy-ma-bob! Only a few of us have one and we have waited far too long to have that feature. So get to it!




I know, that is a 'tired' saying, however, THIS time it TOTALLY FITS!!!! I kept asking why would a flu that isn't even normally lethal, have such a media scare about getting the vaccine for it?

Cheap A$$ed Neighbors on Halloween


What is with Halloween these days? Almost half of my neighbors didn't pass out candy this year, the a-holes!


Nothing appears crooked yet....it's a start.  Let's try posing a photo. Here's my knuckleheads. lol



I hate it when i'm sitting at a red light and as soon as the light turns green the jerk behind me honks UGH!!

Wow, how things have changed in the years that I have been gone.....

Wow, things have changed so much it doesn't even feel like the site that I first started on.  Then again I have been gone for a  year off of this site.  Anyone miss me???

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