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STFU or cry wolf law


I'm so tired of every idiot that can open a can of beer or quite possibly can't causing the howling at the moon every other night.

This law quite possibly should afford every responder to this morons howlings the cost of a flock of sheep out of this idiots pocket.

Child gets raped in an alley.. ignored because this idiots howling about he can't get the cap off his beer.

I'm about to offend alot of people....

I'm not sending money or items to Haiti. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen. I bet you're wondering why I feel this way. Am I cold hearted? Nope, whats happened in Haiti is a horrible tradgedy and I feel for the people living there.

Look Around You


I HATE people with no spatial awareness. It pisses me off when people aren't conscientious of where they stand, where they're going and have a complete disregard of those around them. I could be walking at a good pace trying to get to my next class and the asshole in front of me decides to slow down or stop because they just HAVE to hug their friends. IT'S ANNOYING!!!!

Don't make New Year's resolutions about changing your emotions!

What'sthe point? New Year's resolutions about emotions aren't measurable? How are you going to practice something that is simply not an action?

New Years Driving Habbits

When it comes to drunk driving, the facts are very evident:

You drink and drive you go to jail.

What is so difficult about this?

25 year old security alarms on 20 year old cars

Guy next door, less than 6 ft next door to be exact...For the past 5 minutes I've been listening to his horn stutter continuosly. I may be generous claimng he's got a 20 year old car..

Angry retail employees!!!!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong. I've worked retail in the past and I know that there are some A** hole costumers out there.

Happy 2010 Everyone!


I've selected this time to make my reappearance here. 2009 was excellent to me in many ways except, not long after a nice job promotion I suffered heart failure while driving and went head on into a tree at 55mph.

A new Barber


We had a great Barber here but he left because his wife didn't like it here. So I was in search of a new one although it is a lot further away finally found a guy that does a great job. No Beauty shop no hairstyling just a place where a guy can go get his hair cut talk sports and know is going to get a great haircut for a fair price.


That witchy girl on the cheer squad!

Why do 14 year old girls feel the need to make life hell for other girls?  My daughter is a great athelete who has done gymnastics, acrogymnatics, dance and trampoline all her life.  She tried out and made the cheer squad as a freshman and is naturally a great flyer who excells at the stunts the squad does.  She loves it, but of course there is a jealous, petty little w

Christmas Scrooges....

Have any of you seen this shit on the news (sorry about the cuss word) about Santa being a bad role model? A politically correct nit wit has decided that because Santa is fat and drinks that he is a bad role model. I am so f'in sick of the PC police!

Peeve Characters...

I see ya'll are doing the contest again. When do you start to announce the winners? Also, my favorite from the contest rules:


"All entries become the property of Pet Peeves, LLC and will not be acknowledged or returned."


Based on that - I will not expect to ever find out the answer to the above question.

Another on BITES THE DUST!!!

In wake of Climategate, British climate scientist steps down

By Andrew Nusca | Dec 2, 2009 |

The First Lady??????

Since when is the duty of the First Lady to set fashion trends among the rich and famous? Everytime I turn around there is an article or report on what she is wearing. I would like to hear (or actually see results from) what she is doing about our children going hungry, their education and the overall effort to improve their lives.


I hate people who make negative comments about their co-workers on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) like the person they are talking about will never see what they are saying.

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