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People really are fear stricken to the point of irrationality


Not a shot fired, plenty of people stabbed though, and the hysteria immediately turns to blaming guns when, ironically enough, it was in fact a gun that put this maniac's massive bloodshed to an end before even more people were sliced apart.


Obamas failure on the oil spill. Eight days it takes him to send in the feds.


Eight days eight days it took Obama to do something about the oil spill. Now it is to late and the oil has hit the coast. Obama should have sent the feds right away. Now fisheries are at risk of losing billions because of Obamas failure. The enviromental damage will be beyond anything Katrina did. Way to go Obama on your failure.

People who attack people on spelling when they also misspell words.


one the best the pricipal has ever had and for that reason you are livid that he gets away with reaching out to students so they will do better and improve their grades as you even mention yourself?.... I mean, wow.


Why is this not in the history books?


In an 1856 letter to his wife Mary Custis Lee, Robert E. Lee called slavery "a moral and political evil." Yet he concluded that black slaves were immeasurably better off here than in Africa, morally, socially and physically.

Parents who don't parent their own children!

Parents who don't parent their own children stupefy me!  If you have a child, do society the courtesy of actively parenting that child!

Well TGIX has got his wish.


Looks like people are targeting republicans for assination. A practice that TGIX I am sure condones because to him republicans are evil.


Study shows liberal aetheists are more intelligent

To those who will reject it even before reading the study, know this - denial is at best a waste of time and at worst something even far less desirable. IOW resistance is futile. LOL


Atlanta home of the dumbest drivers in the world! ...O.K. maybe not the dumbest but close!


  I've lived hear for over 20 years now and have seen some of the craziest drivers in my entire life!  I mean like people stopping  at on-ramps with 60+ mile an hour traffic flying by.  Speed up at on ramps, not down, people!  And you'll constantly see people flying three or four lanes over because they missed an off ramp.

The President's blue-ribbon commission on fiscal responsibility and reform

Well, the President finally appointed at least the beginning of his blue-ribbon commission on fiscal responsibility and reform, naming Alan Simpson and former chief-of-staff Erskine Bowles from the Clinton days to co-chair it. It's worth holding out hope for this, because Simpson's a good man—always been a renegade on the Republican side—and Bowles was experienced in Washington.

The President needs to get serious about jobs

The one thing that's for certain is we can not afford a repeat of the health care fiasco when it comes to jobs. That's where the President needs to get serious.

Iran might be developing a nuclear weapon

A most amusing event recently, the UN announced that now they have some evidence that Iran might be trying to develop a nuclear weapon. And this was considered to be pretty big news. Of course, we on the Right have been talking about this since about 2002.

Obama missed the boat

I want to build on this limited government thing. I think this is where Obama has missed the boat. He can still recover. He has unfortunately taken on the mantel of big government because he backed Wall Street. He has to reverse course. He has to take the populist theme away from these hypocritical Tea Party people and make it his own.

Back to Back?


I'm sick and tired of hearing the phrase..  "Back to Back".   It's Back to Front people ...get it right!


I'm convinced that people who recline their seats on planes have never been reclined on themselves. If they had, they wouldn’t recline there damm seat! Should the airlines take out seats and make more room for passengers? Yes. Will they? No. So let’s all start being a little more courteous to your fellow passengers.

Especially those of us with laptops!


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