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I won't admit to personally having/not having a firearm, but common sense tells me that (1) there'll be more crime committed in a gun-free community compared to (2) a community where it is common for the majority to possess firearms {and be proficient in their use}.



If I go through the expense of purchasing an answering machine, go to the trouble of programming/recording an outgoing message on it; it's obvious I really am interested in why you called. {especially if you happen to have woke me up, but I wasn't quick enough to get to the phone - I'm not attttached to the damn thing, anyway}

Cops who think they can subvert the law.


Check this cop who thinks they can just park anywhere they want when they eat lunch.



Nobody could be this stupid well yes they can. No politics.


Wow talk about stupid. http://boortz.com/nealz_nuze/2010/05/miss-usa-rocket-surgeon.html


Well she didn't win because she was smart nope she won because she was a muslim. I wonder how all the muslims in the world feel she wore a bakini.

What the hell does it matter?


What the hell does it matter if Keagan played softball or not? This thing has been blown way out of proportion who gives a shit if she is a lesbian or not. WTF does that have anything to do with her doing the job as Supreme Court Justice? This is just fucking silly. Also why the fuck would the Gay Lesbian organizations give a shit if they posted a picture of her playing softball?

Sneers Fag


It's a troll

It monopolizes this site

No one gives a rat's ass what it says

It should be banned for harassment under this sites terms and conditions




U.S. Mexican teacher calls for revolution.


U.S. Mexican teacher calls for revolution. You going to join TGIX?



Man liberals are really fuckign this country up. Since when can't you wear the American Flag.


Five students sent home for wearing American flag how fucked up is that? Since when here in America the American flag has been banned. Now I fully expect TGIX to agree with them being sent home just because I posted this. But the people in that county should march on that school district.

Obama AWOL on Tennessee flooding.


Obama AWOL on Tennessee flooding. No help for the state of Tennessee who is having record floods. Guess Tennessee has no real value to push Obamas agenda. Again he fails big time.

More Gas Station Peeves.


People that do not pull up to the end pump and insist on pulling up to the first pump and make you wait while they pump. What inconsiderate assholes they are. Even though no one is behind them at the time they will pull up to that first pump and if someone pulls in behind them they have to wait JERKS.


Another Gas Station Peeve.


Gas stations that make you pay before you pump. Talk about losing money. I go to the pump stick my card in and pump the gas and drive off. Even if I am so thursty that I am dying. I will not go in the store and use my card again. Screw im.

Gas Station Peeve.


People that pull up to the gas pump stick the nozzle in begin to pump then step into there car and proceed to talk on there cell phone. Now I don't about you but I have had the gas nozzle get stuck before and keep pumping. Being responsible and staying by the nozzle I shut it off right away. Not to mention your not supposed be on your cell phone while pumping gas. That is just stupid.

People really are fear stricken to the point of irrationality


Not a shot fired, plenty of people stabbed though, and the hysteria immediately turns to blaming guns when, ironically enough, it was in fact a gun that put this maniac's massive bloodshed to an end before even more people were sliced apart.


Obamas failure on the oil spill. Eight days it takes him to send in the feds.


Eight days eight days it took Obama to do something about the oil spill. Now it is to late and the oil has hit the coast. Obama should have sent the feds right away. Now fisheries are at risk of losing billions because of Obamas failure. The enviromental damage will be beyond anything Katrina did. Way to go Obama on your failure.

People who attack people on spelling when they also misspell words.


one the best the pricipal has ever had and for that reason you are livid that he gets away with reaching out to students so they will do better and improve their grades as you even mention yourself?.... I mean, wow.


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