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Not adding -ed


My pet peeve is really silly, but it annoys me when people say things like, for example,  'pack-lunch' or 'cram-full' instead of 'packed-lunch' and 'crammed-full'...I don't know why it just really annoys me.

Celtics Pride-Miami Chokes

What's with all the hype around Le Big Braun and Duuuuane. The Celts are older but they run the hell out of the heat.

To you old timers.


I know you old timers check in once in while here. So why not post a rant? So what some people pissed you off people piss you off everyday. Sad to see no one posting here just because they think one person ruined it. Why don't you old timers that used to post here get off your high horse and post again.


Or are you to good to post here anymore?



Okay, a while back I made a post on manners.

I'm making tthe sequal, PARTICULARLY in customer service.

PLEASE, PLEASE remember that when you are dealing with a rep, DO NOT talk over the poor rep when they are TRYING to do ther job. Whether or NOT you like the answer they give you ju

Talking OVER someone is just the EPITOME of RUDE and UNCIVILIZED.

Fat people on the bus


Since when did fat become a handicap?There are these 2 women that I ride the bus with somtime that get on my fucking nerves.They are both so fat that they take up 2 seats on the bus and always want to sit in the special needs/seniors  section.They spend the whole time bitching about the job and the bus never being on time but they get 2 for 1 seating.

Gestapo is coming to your neighborhood

You've heard by now. Some child, who hasn't lived long enough to know much of anything about life, could be forcibly removed from his home and the loving arms of his parents, because he's fat.  A bit extreme wouldn't you agree?

The Disney Corporation

Within a few years, this corporation, which was originally intended for more, wholesome, family entertainment will be dead.  Their current catering to the emo, hipster, rich, powder white, racist, bigoted crowd will kill them.  Their stock has been down more than not because of this.  They are currently trying to be dark, scary, and nasty to compete with the other networks. 

One suggestion to help the economy.

Get rid of the laws and rehabilitation programs that aren't worth the paper they're written on.  Rehabilitation programs don't work.  Some say, if we save one person, it's worth it.  Yeah, and the other 99 are out there destroying people's lives.  What a bunch of crap!

Customer Service is Tough

I've worked customer service all my life and I'm here to tell you that it's a tough nut to crack on both sides of the counter.  First of all, "the customer is "not" always right but you may have to treat them that way, just to get them out of your face and out of the store.  And, all employees are "not" stupid or good at what they do.  A poor employee is usually th

Pit Bulls

Many don't like them and most are afraid of them. They have a reputation of being a very dangerous dog.  This reputation comes from violent attacks by these animals and negative press reports.  While these dogs have in fact mauled people, it must be made known that "people" through brutal treatment of these dogs, are the cause of these attacks.

DO... NOT... TOUCH.... MY..... HAIR!!!!!!


OMG...so the other day I am ROCKING the hell out my fro, then my co worker decides she wants to touch it- so I start ducking and weaving so she cant get to it. Big sigh of relief. Then another coworker is behind me and says "I just love your hair".



People who over use lol and omg while texting. For example- lol in response to  almost  everything even if it is not really funny. It is boring and common. omg is in similar usage, I AM TIRED OF READING THESE TWO THINGS.

Huh, I can't understand you....


First let me say that if this rant comes across as prejudice or racist, that is not my intent at all,however, why is it that some people have to say AX for the word ASK, and instead of a TH at the end of some words they pronounce it as if it has an F, for instance, MOUF ( instead of MOUTH)?? These 2 things in particular irk the crap out of me.

Keep your promises, like Sam did in the LOTR movies....

One of my coworkers was to fix me up a date with her brother in law for the Xmas weekend.  He was suppose to call me on that Thursday.  Well that day as well as the entire weekend came and went.  When I got back to work and asked her what happen, she told me that his dumb azz got drunk!!  WTF!!  And you think that I am going on a date with this idiot....hell NO!! 

people making out and smoochiing next to someone who is eating or studying..

I think it is cool to be in love and express your emotions to each other... maybe, while walking or somewhere secluded.. I was studying at a school computer library and a girl right next to me was writing a paper, I think. Her boyfriend sat right next to her and after every sentence she wrote, she would turn to him and they'd start loudly kissing. That went on for at least an hour.

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