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Just making a test.

A true home away from home

San Diego Bed and Breakfast
Two of us spent three nights at the San Diego Bed and Breakfast. What a wonderful place! We so enjoyed our stay!
The guest apartment is beautiful, comfortable, and immaculate.

Trying to leave the gas station.


So I am trying to pull out into the road there is no traffic. One car comes over the hill and parks right in the way of the driveway to the gas station. It is about 500 feet to the stop light. Jerk.

Rain rain rain.


I am on vacation and it is raining like crazy. Sucks I want to go do stuff.

No one comes here anymore.


No one comes here anymore. Sad Sad Sad.


Are you still here? :) Miss me? I will answer for him:

Yes.....and HELL NO!!





Not adding -ed


My pet peeve is really silly, but it annoys me when people say things like, for example,  'pack-lunch' or 'cram-full' instead of 'packed-lunch' and 'crammed-full'...I don't know why it just really annoys me.

Celtics Pride-Miami Chokes

What's with all the hype around Le Big Braun and Duuuuane. The Celts are older but they run the hell out of the heat.

To you old timers.


I know you old timers check in once in while here. So why not post a rant? So what some people pissed you off people piss you off everyday. Sad to see no one posting here just because they think one person ruined it. Why don't you old timers that used to post here get off your high horse and post again.


Or are you to good to post here anymore?



Okay, a while back I made a post on manners.

I'm making tthe sequal, PARTICULARLY in customer service.

PLEASE, PLEASE remember that when you are dealing with a rep, DO NOT talk over the poor rep when they are TRYING to do ther job. Whether or NOT you like the answer they give you ju

Talking OVER someone is just the EPITOME of RUDE and UNCIVILIZED.

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