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The Disney Corporation

Within a few years, this corporation, which was originally intended for more, wholesome, family entertainment will be dead.  Their current catering to the emo, hipster, rich, powder white, racist, bigoted crowd will kill them.  Their stock has been down more than not because of this.  They are currently trying to be dark, scary, and nasty to compete with the other networks. 

Great Music Never Heard? Blues

One of my biggest peeves is that most of the great music still isn't heard by us.



Sex Pet Peeves

No one really tells the truth about sex

Itunes and Amazon Rip off

I admit it, I was curious to hear the newly released Micheal Jackson song from Amazon or I-Tunes.

A nice music video. . .

Obama sings the blues? Now I don't know who did this, but it is

O dumbshit is not going to release photos

Why is this you ask? Because the dems are in this enhanced interrogation as much as the republicans are. TGIX thinks that it is all Bush however it is not.

for Rkinne, cuz my comment wouldn't post...

too long I guess...here goes...
boys of summer don henley
cruel summer bananarama
summer girls, LFO...YEAH I said IT!!!
ANY song from the go-go's
poison, bell biv devoe
paul revere beastie boys

just a couple of VERY annoying things...

first, pumping gas at certain idiotic stations that LIMIT how much gas you get at one time.

I stumbled across this and LMAO!!!

remember "d*ck in the box"?  well one of the guys (Sat. night live) from that is in this video and this video is HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!

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