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Remember Scott Ritter what a dirt bag.

Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter was arrested in a Pennsylvania sex sting in November on a litany of charges involving a lewd Internet conversation with a person he thought was a 15-year-old girl.

Don't make New Year's resolutions about changing your emotions!

What'sthe point? New Year's resolutions about emotions aren't measurable? How are you going to practice something that is simply not an action?

New Years Driving Habbits

When it comes to drunk driving, the facts are very evident:

You drink and drive you go to jail.

What is so difficult about this?

I'm upset by fake feminists!

Sarah Palin in particular is damaging to women and the feminist cause in her purported support of gender equality, but failure to endorse the policies needed to enact it. For example, she claims to be a feminist but does not support the political right for a woman to control her own body.

25 year old security alarms on 20 year old cars

Guy next door, less than 6 ft next door to be exact...For the past 5 minutes I've been listening to his horn stutter continuosly. I may be generous claimng he's got a 20 year old car..


I can not understand why people towing trailers, which are too wide/tall, whereby following vehicles are unable to see the vehicles Brake/Taillights. It seems that the cargo on the trailer is typically an OffRoad vehicle [a Quad].

Christmas Scrooges....

Have any of you seen this shit on the news (sorry about the cuss word) about Santa being a bad role model? A politically correct nit wit has decided that because Santa is fat and drinks that he is a bad role model. I am so f'in sick of the PC police!

Another Rave!!! (So Far)

Google Chrome! Now keep in mind I'm only on day two or three of using it, but I love it so far. I'm not a pro with computer stuff in any way, so I know I don't use is as other people would. I'm just a "general browsing" user. I asked a tech-savvy friend about it before trying it, and he only had one complaint, which was something I had no clue what he was talking about.

I'm just saying.......

 Whenever I talk to a person who is "Pro-Life" they never seem to be in line to adopt anyone............

EDukaycion?? What's thet/


Are we talking about the demonstration of people, who supposedly graduated from educational entities that supposedly impart knowledge?  I mean those schools that produce people who are totally incapable of mentally calculating out your change, to a basic level monetary exchange?  Or perhaps those who aren't able to show even rudimentary speaking skills?


Demonstration of a persons' inability to speak properly [especially in a public venue ; IE- Kimberly Kagans' 09 Nov '09 C-Span oratory, or any by Maxine Walters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, William Delahunt, Joseph Biden] I refer to the mis or inordinate use of "AAH" or "AHM" (choose your favorite), or frequent word/phrase repetitions.

Car Damage!!!!

People who hit other peoples car doors when they are opening up their car door in parking lots and then arn't even man or women enough to leave a note admitting thier mistake!!!!!!!!!

Great Music Never Heard? Blues

One of my biggest peeves is that most of the great music still isn't heard by us.



My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

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