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lousy packaging


Products packed in plastic bags with built-in zip loc. Tear the top strip off, grab each side of the bag and pull.

The bag tears away from the zip loc, leaving a torn piece on one side and an unsealed zip loc on the other.



Speling words wrong on purpose

Especially in Advertising. Examples to follow:

Pat Robertson: Snow Is God’s Way of Punishing Americans Who Were Planning to Drive to Do Something Gay


Thanks to: www.borowitzreport.com

Did you know that one out of every ten Americans was just about to go drive to do something gay before the merciful snow save them?

people making out and smoochiing next to someone who is eating or studying..

I think it is cool to be in love and express your emotions to each other... maybe, while walking or somewhere secluded.. I was studying at a school computer library and a girl right next to me was writing a paper, I think. Her boyfriend sat right next to her and after every sentence she wrote, she would turn to him and they'd start loudly kissing. That went on for at least an hour.

Dumb drivers

Let's have a lesson on tailgating. Obviously so many people think that 2 car lengths behind the car in front of you at 70 mph is a good idea. At 70 you are traveling about 110 feet per second. You are supposed to be 3 to 4 seconds behind so that comes out to be 330 to 440 feet. 40 feet isn't going to cut it when the guy in front slams on his brakes to miss that deer.

Disgusting commercials


I just can't stand it anymore! What makes these idiots think that if I listen to some pig chewing on his food that I'm going to rush out and buy it? Here's a tip, if I have to hear you eat  I'm NEVER EVER going to buy what you're selling!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technology is ruining our privacy and common sense

Whats with people who expect privacy in a public place?  If you're on a cell phone in public please keep in mind that other people are around and can note everything you say.  I've heard a man give his social security number to someone (idiot) while in line at Target, another giving graphic details of her masectomy, and another lady telling her girlfriend about cheating on h

Turning into the wrong lane...


Whichever way you turn, left or right, you turn into the nearest lane.  THEN you can change lanes as necessary. 

This allows opposite-direction, turning-traffic to turn at the same time. 

Use your blinker. Get in the right lane unless you're turning or passing.

Driving in the left lane...


On a 4-lane road (2-lanes same direction), the left lane is for passing, the right lane is for driving.  If you're not passing, get back in the right lane.

Merging lanes


It works like a zipper.  Where the lane ends, not before, you merge.  Each left/continuing-lane car lets in one right/ending-lane car, one-for-one.  How hard is that?



Those who are on the elevator get off, THEN those who are off get on.  In that order.  Simple rule.  Same applies to subways, busses, etc.

Blinker signals


That little, plastic thing sticking out from behind the steering wheel isn't an optional manufacturer's accessory.  Use it!

i hate wen people fake like they bloods and crips


like on myspace nikka be claimin they a blood wen they blue on i think thts some coler blind shit tht shit make no kind of sense

Pennsylvania Road Signs.


So I took the family to Kennywood up in Pittsburgh PA. Had a great time. But man they have some hosed signs. I mean they hardly have any route signs or speed limit signs. When you come to a reduced speed zone most normal states have Reduced Speed ahead and have the Speed limit then right after that a Speed Limit sign. NOT IN PA.

Stupid Viagra and other ads like it.


Hey if you have a erection longer then 4 hours seek medical help. Hell if I have one after 2 hours im going to the doctor.

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