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Don't know if this is an actual article, but. . .

Now this could work:
This was an article from the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper on Sunday.

just a couple of VERY annoying things...

first, pumping gas at certain idiotic stations that LIMIT how much gas you get at one time.

$45 for this?

My sis-in-law and her hubby are very pro-organic, eat free range food, food grown locally, you get the idea. They visited yesterday and brought an organic ham from a specialty shop.

The Downfall of Detroit

Here's an article about Detroit:

What I'm about to say may offend people but I can tell you why Detroit has become a rundown town.

And it goes again

Redoubt blew up twice so far today. Nothing heading towards Anchorage, but after looking at some predictions it appears the winds may shift this afternoon.

I like this article...

Of course when it starts with:

A month after Louisiana Gov.

Has anyone spoken to AKsnowbunny lately??

I read where a volcano erupted 5 times last night by Anchorage. Isn't that where she is? I just wanted to make sure she was OK.

lol supermarket math

Yesterday, I went to buy coca-cola. There were 2 displays, side by side. One display offered this- 2 18-packs for $10.00. Next to it had this offer- 3 12-packs for $10.98.

Talk about INSTANT Karma . . .

Wisconsin jewelry robbers fleeced as they flee


Someone's Short A Few Brain Cells


WTF? Is the Pope really serious? Condoms don't cure AIDS but does help, at the very least, slow the spread of it.

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