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One Singular Sensation


Being that I am currently the only person in the office who is both single AND childless, who do think is the one who gets asked to come in early, stay late and change time-off plans because well

List o' Peeves

1. My doorknob broke and I had to rig it to work with a butter knife.

2. Stardust was a let down

3. My boss is back from vacation early


Messy Offices

I go crazy when things are out of place, and I am the biggest culprit sometimes.  I just had a cleaniness attack in our office.  We threw away about a dozen boxes including out of date crap.  I don't

Not bringing anything to the table financially...

I have always been the type of person who HAS to work. I have always had a job, and feel useless if I don't.



I want to go home already!

My cubicle mate...

....sucks his teeth all day long. When he isn't sucking his teeth, he is whistling, "softly" so as to be quiet. It just sounds like a breathy bunch of noise to me.


Apparently, we're not the only ones who do it!!

questions on language

I was writting an email for work and wanted to say "in case you need..."  But I wasn't sure if it was in case, encase, or incase, so I looked up the two words.  Incase in the dictionary just says "enc

A Reoccurring Theme


It really peeves me when I am asked to donate $$ for a gift for someone who from my perspective doesn't deserve it and the ones who are asking for voluntary donations know this.

I swear the time is going backwords

Ok Im sitting here waiting for 5pm to come so I can go home and I looked at the clock and I swear I remember it saying 4:45pm so like around 10 mins later I look again and it said 4:44 WHY!!!!


we all do it, but I keep having to stop what I'm doing!!!
Let me explain:
I am washing/drying clothes and sheets,
I am also grilling dinner in the backyard,
as well as other little things around

money down and phone's aringin'

OH MY GOD PEOPLE HANG UP THE F*CKING PHONE AND STOP PUTTING YOUR G-D MONEY ON THE F*CKING COUNTER... I'm not your slave, your bitch, or invisible. I am your f*cking BARISTA...


My boss doesn't trust me and it pisses me off.  Everything I say is suspect even though I've never been less than honest with her, I've never even called in sick when I wasn't, and she's lied about me

Office Gifts

It peeves me to be asked at the office to donate $$$ to a present for an undeserving someone who has never been particularly nice to me or for that matter has would just assume not give me the time of

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