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Stupid Receptionist

So we used to have this sweet girl as a receptionist. Every morning when you came in she said "Good Morning".

Co-worker that TALKS about how busy she is

This one co-worker that has the same responsibilities that I do is always coming over to my desk to talk about how busy she is.  Well, I have the same responsibilities as MISS OVERWORKED, except

New Job??????

I'm waiting to hear back on whether I got the new job I applied for or not.

 HUGE raise from what I make now, and a fun office...


Why does it seem that when I walk into the office on Monday everything on my desk as multiplied?  I swear, I get everything done on Monday and then little asses must sneak into my office, into

My Pet Peeves for the week

1. I bought an "In home" warranty so that if anything happens to my PC they have to come to my house. Well my computer crashed AGAIN and once again I had to take into the damn store.

I'm on a roll, look at this...

I'll post the link in the first comment, cuz that's where I know it'll work to click it!!

here you go

Here is my list of peeves from the last two weeks:

The "regular" job


At my "regular" job this morning our manager called a meeting of everyone but the rank and file worker bees and let us know how we're doing in our departments and also our location itself.

It's Not There Just For You

It's not the people who use the office microwave by putting their food in for 3 minutes and then walk away that peeve me.

Only the second work day this week


and I feel like I got run over with a steam shovel.  I feel sick, and there's a lot of smoke in the air (which isn't helping) and my boss is running me ragged.  She thinks I can do all this back log o

Legit jobs...


I am tired of all the advertisements that we get to "work from home". None of the jobs sound worth a shit, and no I don't want to send you $150.00 to work for you. Everybody has to be scamming!

I've Got To Eat Too!!!!!!!


Have you ever gotten up to go to on a lunch "date" and found that you were the only one left in an office that's supposed to be open during normal business hours?

I'm about to *Smack* & *Pop* somebody!

My co-worker, bless her heart, is a damn country cow.  She's from Texas and she constantly pops her damn gum!!!!!!!!

We had a conversation about it once before and she apologized and stopped for a

Where's my Gus-Gus?

I feel like Cinderella over here.

Rude people by e-mail

I have been using e-mail for the last 10 years and it seems that people are getting ruder via e-mail.

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