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It figures

Everyone around me has been sick. Everyone has been passing it around to each other. I kept my blood alcohol level high enough that nothing could get me.

Thermostat Nazi

I suspect that my office was not intended to be a cubicle farm because there is a thermostat in HIS cubicle.

Boss LATE for meetings

I have a new boss, and he is LATE for meetings, like an hour late, and then he gets mad when people cannot bend their schedules around his strange behavior.

Ok so the  lady owner of our company comes in for mail and goes in the bathroom..

The Drop it Lady.


I was just surfing the series of tubes for a place to complain and it looks like I've found a spot.

Empowering Thought

What goes around, comes around.

That has ment so much to me today, I have been smiling ALL DAY!

Tell me where you live and . . .

I will tell you IF there is a $100k career opportunity for you!!!

back to the daily grind


My first day at the new job is tomorrow so I'll talk when I can, just wanted to let you guys know that!  I hope I can adjust cuz this is the first time since the hurrica

Hurry up Lunch!!


We're having a Chili contest today. I've smelled nothing but Chili since about 9:30 this morning.... I'm so freakin hungry!!!

Do you ever wonder why?

Well, for those that might have read my post the other day about blowing off some steam, you will know where I am going with this posting.

Excuse me, You have my red stapler.

So yeah, I had an account here, and posted a few times on the old site. I just got bored tonight to check back in and such.

Parking Peeves

1. You know how the typical shopping center has the yellow and blue lines in the parking lot and you're supposed to park between lines right?

funny stuff

Dear Employees:

sooo slooww

I work in a supposed call center, and I've gotten a grand total of 20 calls since 8:00. Is anybody out there?

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