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Product Peeves

Why does everything have to be made with the black glossy plastic these days?

People Not Doing What They Say They Are Going To Do

I am so sick of working with people that say they are taking care of something, then to find out at the last minute they haven't done a thing, so then I have to jump in and take hours to do someth

I start Monday...

I put in an application with the city almost a month ago. I don't have to have a job, only to save my sanity..... It is a clerk for the parts/maintenance/water department.

check this out

How's This for Customer Service

I was watching Dr Phil yesterday, he had this woman who did the greatest thing EVER!

*sigh* I HATE my job

OK, hate is such a "strong" word. It's not hate as much as there is a VERY strong DISLIKE of it. It's turned out to be NOTHING like I thought it would be.


With all that is going on around us, I wanted to share something with all of my family of peevers out there.  I hope that this can bring a little light to your darkness and realize that someon


Alright, I just had my phone inte

That horrible receptionist

OH man she's dumb. I have a filing cabinet in my office that is used by maybe two people. One of them was at it, on his cellphone.

Two upcoming jobs (perhaps a lot more). . .

Well, as I have my degrees out the way AND been released to go back to work, I put out my resume around this area.

Sick People in the Office

I know I have been guilty of this in the past, but I cannot stand it when people come into the office, sick as a dog, and they sneeze all over everyone, touch everything, and then everyone else gets s

Talk about piss me off.....

Last week my coworker left plans for a custmer to pick up at the front desk with the receptionist.

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