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Misappropriation of Government Funds!

Ok, it might not be exactly that, but from what I am seeing that was the only thing that I could think to call it at this moment.

Email. You got a problem with that?

What did we ever do before email existed?

I can barely remember life "before email" (BE). Like-it-or-not, email is here -- and life will never be the same again.

Crazy Day!!


Today was insane around here!! My office STILL reeks of mildewy mold, which I found out will be shampooed this weekend. So I had actual work to do today, and no place to do it.

born/raised in a barn

OK, it's well over 101 outside and the wind is blowing (a nasty warm wind). Perfect conditions for snakes!

I should have stayed in bed


Friday we had a blizzard come through. They told us it would rain, possibly snow - and that if it did snow we wouldn't even notice. They lied, we got 2 feet.

Let's be Green.

I know, I know. Earth Day was last week, but it really got me thinking about my own responsibilities concerning the environment. 

Life Gets in the Way

I was working full-time but I got laid off. 

Because work isn't repetitive enough...

So I work with this guy, and he DRIVES me nuts. He kinda does this whistle thing... Sounds like "Whooot Whooot". And he does it EVERY THREE SECONDS.

No, my boobs are NOT going to reply back to you...

In a previous post shamrock pointed out that our faces are a little higher up than where most men look.


I am really sick company big shots, I work for G.M. & people think i make alot of money!

well, I got effin' laid off...

I'm upset about it even though I hated working there...hell I STILL need money!

My Boss!!

Ok, so I am LOVING my new job, but my boss is an idiot!! He doesn't do much, if anyhting! He is rarely in the office, and is usually running around.

What do I do???

Well, as many/some of you know from my previous postings, I work for the military recruiting.  Because I work for the military recruiting, I am also a part of the family readiness group.

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