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Work ettiqutte. . .

I just watched an 'interesting' sight, a woman that worked at the restaurant where my wife's shop is just QUIT!

I found one, I got it...HOORAY!!!


F'ing Layoffs


My husband works for ALCOA. It is an aluminum smelter in the town I live in.

Major work Peeve here.

Last Tuesday when I was at work Pearl the other lady that works with me had a major asthma attack. She came through the door asking for help.

Really Friday

Now it is really Friday, and since I thought yesterday was Friday, I am NOT being productive at all.  I am acting like it is Saturday, and I was forced to come in the office against my will,

Only Thursday

I keep thinking today is Friday.  That sucks. I am taking next week off, so I am over-anxious for the mini vacation to start.

New Pet Peeves Poll

Finally, the Pet Peeves people have changed the poll on the home page to something I can relate to, all the jerks in the office!!!  They forgot a major one, my boss that farts all the time!

I HATE my shredder!!!!

I was looking for some paperwork this morning and of course as I look around I see old outdated paper to get rid of.  I was also looking for receipts for some of the thin


And to top things off, big brother has blocked all internet music from all computers.  So if i want to listen to music I had better drag my music along with me.

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!



THAT other coworker...

I posted a little while ago about the guy that isn't licensed to be doing design but is... Well the Fire Marshall finally called the guy (my superior) who's name and license IS on them.

paycheck late & WRONG


I am PISSED!!!!! Granted I love my new job and my worst day here is better than my best day with my old employer.


I work with this lady whose son is getting married soon. Her and the sons father are divorced, and he lives in the lower 48 somewhere in the south.


I'm not sure if that's the right word for it, but here goes. My coworker had a job that he wanted to bid. His superior told him NOT to bid the job.

Ponder this.....

Why is it when the wind blows hard the water in the toilet moves???

BUT...it only does this at work, not at home AND my office is not in a trailer, it is a stick built  building.

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