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Junk Emails

To the person/people that send out junk emails: I AM A FEMALE - I do not need any "performance enhancing" pills, or any pills to "please my partner".

Oxford Buttons On Shirts

I'm aware that I'm a freak, and that there are tons of other things that bother me...

Hand in the Face

I have a huge problem when someone points out something with their finger (object, landmark), and their hand goes right in front of my face

 I get very angry, It

Celebrity with Political views

Ok all you famous people, listen up. Your job is to entertain this country, which I must add, you have been doing poorly lately.

Co Workers That Don't Think About What They Say

I'm more annoyed when co workers decide to congregate in cliques, like slow moving herds of cattle.

Is $1.50 really too much?

Why opt to have birthday and special events and then gripe about paying for them? I asked for $1.50 a month to cover birthday luncheons and still got griped at.

You want better customer service,eh?

I work in the retail management field. If you have never worked retail, you should work one day to see how customers really treat stores. Anyway here is my rant.

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