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Celtics Pride-Miami Chokes

What's with all the hype around Le Big Braun and Duuuuane. The Celts are older but they run the hell out of the heat.

The Diet Solution Recipes

There are so many overweight individuals today that it has become imperative for almost everyone to lose weight. And most people who want to lose weight are looking for ways to do so in a short period of time. However, you will notice that while there are a lot of individuals who fail to reach their weight loss goals.

Gestapo is coming to your neighborhood

You've heard by now. Some child, who hasn't lived long enough to know much of anything about life, could be forcibly removed from his home and the loving arms of his parents, because he's fat.  A bit extreme wouldn't you agree?


my pet





find it ;)

Sleep sucks!

I resent the fact that I need to sleep. I always have. There are much better ways I could be spending my time then lying there, comatose, dreaming about things that I'll never remember when I wake up. And waking up is always a painful experience! I know sleep depravation has some serious heath implications, but I just can't help it. Needing to sleep blows.

Government insurance drops mom with cancer.

Death panels already happening.


Those republicans are violent right wing radical nutcases!

They truly believe that the world will end if they don't kill people who they think are killing babies with the new health care legislation. Of course democrats gave in to their pressure so there is NO CHANGE to the law with regard to abortions but that does not stop people like Sarah Palin from encouraging guns be shot at innocent human beings.

The Push to Take More and More Prescription Drugs

I absolutely hate commercials about prescription medications. Why do we need these? If we need a prescription for something we go to the doctor and they prescribe what we need for what we have. We don't need to sit at home becoming hypochondriacs thinking we have every illness on earth and then go to the doctor and TELL the doctor what we need. It's all backwards and the reason = $$$$$.

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