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Thinks I HATED about Romper Room!!!

Alright, FIRST of all, I don't even know IF Romper Room is even still on (it WAS on when I was a child, MANY years ago!), HOWEVER, there was ALWAYS one part of the show that ALWAYS got my hopes


it turned out to be pretty cool for a birthday.  haven't had a real good one in a while.  I had to work, but it was ok cuz my co-workers surprised me with a cake

what the EFF is wrong with my Ipod???

it AIN'T playing right!!  It worked just fine yesterday and today when I get in the car and start playing it, it skips songs, doesn't play songs, the album artwor

a question about the Olympics

I THOUGHT the minimum age for the Olympics was 16.

so why then is there a male diver from Great Britain who is 14!!!

and THAT'S how the fight started...

********************************************************* When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive.....so, I took her to a gas station.

Tropic Thunder

All right, I haven't seen this movie as of yet and, until this morning, hadn't planned to see it.

Don't Take Your Electronics to Canada

A new law will soon go into affect in Canada designed to curb piracy, a good thing right?  Not so fast!  This law gives customs the right to seize any ele


just got back from the movies and I saw the new "Mummy" movie!!!

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