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Bite me, bite me.

I am sooo tired of infomercials

I stumbled across this and LMAO!!!

remember "d*ck in the box"?  well one of the guys (Sat. night live) from that is in this video and this video is HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!

Baseball-Out of Control? Manny Greed

Help me out here. We are all working harder and more hours to make less money while the economy continues to reel out of control.

A Rave for Christmas!

I just bought the Jeff Dunham Chirstmas Special, I don't normally like stand up comedy but this guy is great! Jeff is a ventriloquist with several puppets.

An open letter to celebrities

Dear celebrities,


The last day to buy previously viewed DVDs will be 11/30.
We thought about it and it makes sense for us to focus on our main business -
delivering great movie rentals to you b

Help me out here


The guys at work are telling a certain kind of joke, trying to one-up each other. I want to top them. Can you come up with some for me?

True Blood

This show is getting soooo good! I wonder if Sukie and Bill will have little vampire babies. LOL

Your Vote for The Scariest Movie Monster


Is it Godzilla? Pumpkinhead? The Alien from the Aliens franchise? Predator?

Horror movie Cliches


1. Victims are in a all out sprint, while the killer is walking at a snails pace, yet some how catches the victim everytime.

Scary Movies


What are some of your favorites?

Mine are:

Dvd Peeves

1. DVD's with Ads or trailers that you can'r forward through.  They are the ones that start right at the beginning, BAH!

2. DVD's that have no closed captioning.

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