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Itunes and Amazon Rip off

I admit it, I was curious to hear the newly released Micheal Jackson song from Amazon or I-Tunes.

Mr. Sexy, you WILL be missed...

of course I'm talkin about Patrick Swayze. I was SO hoping he would pull through this!!! He hd a new show on cable called The Beast. I liked it among all his other movies as well.



My god it feels almost as if we're being assaulted by advertising these days, there is no getting away from it.

Karl Malden passes away at 97 years old!

Oscar-winning actor Karl Malden dead at 97
July 1, 2009, 2:37 PM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Karl Malden, the Academy Award-winning actor whose intelligent characterizations on stage and screen made h

John and Kate Plus 8

Is anyone else as sick and tired of hearing about this debacle as I am?

What really bothers me is that the media put these people on pedestal and are now determined to make thier lives miserable.

This is Outrageous, the Consumer Gets Screwed Again


Sony has redesigned its Portable Playstation, removing the UMD Drive, providing a smaller screen, and smaller case.

thinking about trying this...

know anyone who has it?

This whole mess stinks thru and thru

Doctor who performed abortions shot to death

Late term abortions - usually wrong, murder even in my book anyway.

As if what happens (sometimes) in teh toilet wasn't 'scary' enough, eh conanabana? (c;}

Horror story printed on toilet paper in Japan
Sun May 24, 10:32 am ET


A nice music video. . .

Obama sings the blues? Now I don't know who did this, but it is

O dumbshit is not going to release photos

Why is this you ask? Because the dems are in this enhanced interrogation as much as the republicans are. TGIX thinks that it is all Bush however it is not.

for Rkinne, cuz my comment wouldn't post...

too long I guess...here goes...
boys of summer don henley
cruel summer bananarama
summer girls, LFO...YEAH I said IT!!!
ANY song from the go-go's
poison, bell biv devoe
paul revere beastie boys

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur star of Maude and Golden Girls died on Saturday morning.

Bea was one of my favorite actresses.

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