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Movies and Sex

Why do people think that every single flipping movie needs to have a sex scene in it? I don't even bother with suggesting a movie for a first date because it would be just awkward.

TV news shows that think you can read and listen at the same time

I hate watching a news show that has the ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen. I'll be listening to the news then find myself reading about some movie star off to rehab.

Commercials in the Movie Theatre


I shouldn't have to pay $10 to watch commercials, thank you very much!

Why Must You Kick My Back????


Please, please tell me WHY people have to kick the back of my chair EVERY time I go to the movie theater?? Are people unaware that this is extremely rude and annoying??

Modern Movies


I am so SICK of watching movies and dealing with "gay" scenes. I don't care if you are gay, I don't want to see it in every movie I try to watch.

Celebrity with Political views

Ok all you famous people, listen up. Your job is to entertain this country, which I must add, you have been doing poorly lately.

Picking a movie snack is not hard


My peeve is people who wait in front of me in a long line at the concession counter, and wait until they get all the way up there to start thinking about what they want.

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