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One suggestion to help the economy.

Get rid of the laws and rehabilitation programs that aren't worth the paper they're written on.  Rehabilitation programs don't work.  Some say, if we save one person, it's worth it.  Yeah, and the other 99 are out there destroying people's lives.  What a bunch of crap!

Those republicans are violent right wing radical nutcases!

They truly believe that the world will end if they don't kill people who they think are killing babies with the new health care legislation. Of course democrats gave in to their pressure so there is NO CHANGE to the law with regard to abortions but that does not stop people like Sarah Palin from encouraging guns be shot at innocent human beings.

The Push to Take More and More Prescription Drugs

I absolutely hate commercials about prescription medications. Why do we need these? If we need a prescription for something we go to the doctor and they prescribe what we need for what we have. We don't need to sit at home becoming hypochondriacs thinking we have every illness on earth and then go to the doctor and TELL the doctor what we need. It's all backwards and the reason = $$$$$.

Attention Deficit Dis-Order, etc...


  What a bullshit  "disease".  What a crock of shit sickness.  Get your ass out of the house, exercise and eat right and maybe one day you'll be able to sit and watch a movie without talking or getting up, maybe you'll be able to read a book halfway through, maybe you'll be able to fall asleep properly.

New Years Driving Habbits

When it comes to drunk driving, the facts are very evident:

You drink and drive you go to jail.

What is so difficult about this?

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