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something to think about for your weekend..

Do you trust your friends when you get drunk??


Mr. Perfect

So I met Mr. Perfect last night. He was a really nice guy, and fit my list of things I'm looking for in the next man of my life.


That's what my husb is! I'll explain. Our 13th anniversary is today, so I shipped the kids off to his parents since Friday to be able to do whatever the whole weekend. Fri.

Satisfying a Need

Ok, so this post may not be for the younger people that may view this site but, I have to spark the conversation for a peeve this morning.

Well on my way to work this morning the annoying radio sho

Friends Wedding...

I just got home today and found a letter in my mail box from my best friends little sister regretting to inform me that she will not be getting married next weekend!! WHAT??

people bothering me while i sleep

my boyfriend and i have our new, cozy, and comfy king bed. last night a friend of mine came over to see harry potter with my two "sister-in-laws" and one of their brother in laws.

Some Men...

As I was reading a post, something just hit me upside the head....

Most (not all) men are pigs.

annoying nosey new girlfriend

My ex and I have a 7 yr old son, we have been split up for 3 years.

Women Who Call Their Spouses, Boyfriends, Lovers At Work

Thousands of calls come into the mill where I work. Over half of these are women wanting to talk to their men. If it's not an emergency, they have no business holding up phone lines.

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